Dear ladies and gentlemen!


I would like to give here a brief information on our activity. Let's get acquainted.

The company "Welcome" conducts the work in two directions: publishing and graphic design.

In March 1995 in the market of book production our guidebook «Paris in the pocket» has appeared. This event became a starting point in activity of Publishing House "Welcome", the first in Russia which throughout 20 years creates and publishes author's untranslatable guide-books on cities and world countries. Many of them are republished on several times. For today a series "Welcome" contains 32 titles on abroad and Russia.

In 2006 we have let out the first in Russia guidebook to Europe for autotravellers which has opened new and while unique in our country a series of books - "Holiday at the wheel".

Since 2007 in our assortment the tourist and gift photo albums across Petersburg have appeared.

Besides own publishing program we carry out the preparation and release of exclusive circulations of any subjects at the expense of authors or customers.

As the advertising agency, the Publishing House "Welcome" specialises on graphic design. The creative workings are embodied by us on a paper and in branded souvenirs.

We are not supporters of a line production and a narrow orientation. With each customer we work on wide assortment of orders – advertising production, business documentation, materials for seminars and presentations, corporate clothes and attributes, branded souvenirs.

We offer the flexible conditions of duplicating, using own base of operative polygraphy and cooperation with various printing houses that allows us not to become attached to concrete possibilities of one manufacture, but to form for our clients the optimum variants on quality, circulation, price and terms.

The General Director
of Publishing House "Welcome"
Natalya Zemlyanskaya

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